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Designs should be natural, 'organic'.
Dream Big

Unclutter your mind and imagine anything you like.

  • Sometimes, the best ideas come to you while you are sleeping. But ...
  • ... be wide awake and alert when you put your idea(s) into material form.
  • Do not be afriad to express yourself.
  • Understand not everyone will appreciate your concept. Art is a matter of personal taste.
  • Never rush into a project until you are sure it is worth the time and you will still feel happy with your concept the next day

You will now be able to proceed. But if you lack creativity, then we are here to help.

Whichever way you decide to go, either with or without help, it will be YOUR creation and unique to YOU!


Are you ready to chose?
Two Paths

1. Ask us to put your idea into practice, or ...

2. Go straight to our t-shirt and products webpage and consider ordering something!

You can order here: ORIGINAL GUV'NOR

3. Alternately, keep dreaming!


Take a break, take a breather.
Totally Confused

Confusion is not a good thing. It means that you are starting from a bad position, and every step you take after that will lead you further astray. Just walk away and do something that will take your mind off the subject, and then come back another day when you feel more comfortable.

But if you do try and 'force the issue', you may then find you will be changing your mind afterwards and become frustrated. Creativity does not come on demand for anyone - we all get tired and exhausted. You have to pick a time when you feel in the right frame of mind to achieve what you desire.

It is also possible you may have decided upon your project upon a whim and poorly considered desire. But by all means, if you are in the mood, create your idea and then sit upon it for a short time to make sure it is really what you want. I say this as coming to me with a request to design something will not help either of us if you chop-and-change. You will lose my interest and you will feel deflated. Not a good place to be, is it?

So the final message is this: be happy with what you want and then we can make progress. OK?

Kuda Gila Studio

Kudas Gila

A new brand of t-shirt design sending out messages to get people thinking.


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